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Standard photoshop work is done, more work may be coming. Photos with more extensive work done will be in the folder name without the 'PS' at the end.
IR0K7503 doneIR0K7504 doneIR0K7505 copyIR0K7506 copyIR0K7507 doneIR0K7508 doneIR0K7558 doneIR0K7623 copyIR0K7624 copyIR0K7625 copyIR0K7626 copyIR0K7627 copyIR0K7479 copyIR0K7482 copyIR0K7486 copyIR0K7487 copyIR0K7488 copyIR0K7489 doneIR0K7490 copyIR0K7491 copy

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